Halcyon Building Mosaic

In 2014, the Mathews Main Street Committee sponsored a mosaic mural project
that was quite challenging to design and install. 


the challenge

The mosaic reaches up three stories, to the top of the Halcyon Building, itself a historic site in the center of Mathews. The mosaic uses a variety of recycled and reclaimed materials, from oyster shells to antique teapots, as well as the works of local artists.

Storybound seemed like the perfect fit to contribute to this project- the project required a team to really use their experiences and resources, but also to think outside of the box. We found that Storybound exceeded our expectations in two areas that were very important to us- safety and quality.
— Kat Sharp, Co-Owner of the halcyon building


After securing all the necessary permits, Storybound provided very sturdy scaffolding to reach to the top of the mosaic mural. All workers wore safety harnesses and kept the work areas neat. The job site allowed traffic and pedestrians to carry on without concern.

Halcyon Building Mathews, Virginia
Throughout the process, the Storybound team maintained high quality standards, striving to exceed the client expectations of craftsmanship.
— Kat Sharp, Co-Owner of the Halcyon Building


Today the Mathews Mosaic Mural brings delight to visitors. Its glittering mirrors sweeping upward change character with the shifting weather and light. The words will inspire for many years to come. "Sail forth- Steer for deep waters only, Restless oh Soul, exploring".