Story residence

An Aging-In-Place, remodel and insurance claim project in Mathews County, Virginia


The challenge

The Story family have been clients of Storybound Construction, Inc. for a number of years and over that time, there have been a variety of projects completed in and around the home. With older homes and homeowners, comes a unique set of challenges. Creating a space that is safe, as well as providing ample room for family entertainment, becomes a necessity. The finished projects needed to meet both challenges, while maintaining the highest construction standards.

Storybound has completed a number of projects for us over the years, including the current project which is an insurance job, repairing damage from broken pipes and flooding. We’ve had them out to lay a brick walkway to the house, working on a screened in porch and adding a new porch room on the side of the house.
— Capt. Story, Homeowner

The Solution

Working with the homeowners, Storybound Construction, Inc. was able to rise to challenge; creating a stable brick walkway leading up to the home, re-working an existing deck/porch and building a screened in porch with ample space for family time and relaxation.

the emergency

Unfortunately, in the summer of 2018, the Story Family returned from an out of town trip to find that pipes had burst in their home, causing significant damage to their bathroom and kitchen below. Storybound Construction, Inc. was Captain Story’s first call in order to repair the damage. Storybound has been working with the family and insurance company to repair the water damage, acting as an intermediary between the insurance company and the family, streamlining the situation and easing the burden.

Water damage from the burst pipes

Water damage from the burst pipes

During the repair process

During the repair process

With his high quality of work and strong work ethic, Michael, and his team, are always my first call when looking for a contractor.
— Captain Story, Homeowner