House Lifting


Variables Effecting House Lift Costs

The following variables effect the costs of lifting the house:
Size of house, number of chimneys, crawl space height, complexity of foundation plan, site preparation prior to lifting, condition of crawl space mud sills, girders and floor joists, number of entrances requiring steps and landings, reconnection costs for water, electrics, HVAC, oil, LPG and septic, and site restoration plan for landscaping.

The General Contractor should be responsible for developing a plan, creating an estimate for the lift, direct the lifting operation, monitor the lifting budget, and communicate with the homeowner any changes with the plan.

X Factors

When lifting structures in the tidewater region, there are factors which cannot be seen in advance but which may be anticipated.  Some of these unknowns may include, but are not limited to the following:

Ground Saturation
Ground saturation and high water table which may effect footer dig and the weight (Point loading) of the cribbing platforms.
Note: In the tidewater region, the footer trench may fill with ground water making it more challenging to place reinforced rebar and pour concrete.   If this occurs, a dry footer is maintained by continually pumping out the water.  It may be necessary to fill the trench with crushed rock and pack the base of the footer prior to setting rebar and pouring concrete.

Interior Plaster Stability
The structure is subject to minor movement when it is set back down upon a perfectly level foundation.  Wall cracks, door and window misalignment and floors may be effected when the structure is placed onto the new foundation.

Sequential Phases of the Lift Process

The seven sequential phases of the house lifting/moving process are as follows:
Phase 1: Pre Lift Planning Sequence
Phase 2: Pre Lift Site Prep Sequence
Phase 3: Lifting Sequence
Phase 4: New Foundation Sequence
Phase 5: Lowering House Sequence
Phase 6: Utilities Re-Connection Sequence
Phase 7: Home Improvement Plan

For more information and in depth information on each phase of the lifting process, please download our PDF on the Seven Phases of the lifting process.